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PowerShell and You: Using Microsoft's Incident Response Language - BsidesAugusta 9/13/2014
The Secret Life of KRBTGT - DEF CON 22 8/8/2014
The $env:PATH less Traveled is Full of Easy Privilege Escalation Vulns - DEF CON 22 8/8/2014
PowerShell and You: Using Microsoft's Post-Exploitation Language - ShowMeCon 5/5/2014
Beyond SecureString Writing Safer PowerShell Tools - PowerShell Saturday 007 2/8/2014
Living Off the Land: A Minimalist's Guide to Windows Post-Exploitation -BsidesAugusta 9/14/2013 with Matt Graeber

Pass-the-Hash 2: The Admin's Revenge - Blackhat USA 2013 8/1/2013 with Skip Duckwall

Addition By Subtraction: How Networked Devices Affect your Security - BsidesPR 4/5/2013

 No Tools? No Problem! Building a PowerShell Bot - Shmoocon IX Firetalks and Epilogue 2/16/2013 2/18/2013

Puff Puff Pass: Getting the Most Out of Your Hash - Derbycon "The Reunion" 9/29/2012 with Skip Duckwall

Still Passing the Hash 15 Years Later? Using the Keys to the Kingdom to Access All Your Data - BlackHat USA 2012 7/26/2012 with Skip Duckwall

 Shot With Your Own Gun: How Appliances are Used Against You - BSidesLV 2012  7/25/2012

 Test Pens with PowerShell -Nova Hackers 7/9/2012

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