Standard Disclaimer

I am opinionated and those opinions are mine and in no way represent my employer. You are welcome to disregard or disagree with me!

I am not a programmer, coder or developer. I script on occasion, but often its for a strange purpose and of little value to others.  PowerShell is helping me bridge the gap into learning .NET, but I will likely never be an expert.

I believe there is very little truly creative thought in the InfoSec industry and that is perfectly fine. I have found that most "new" ideas are some rehashing of an old idea or was not properly documented at some point in the past. If I ever forget or neglect to cite a source or the inspiration for an idea, please let me know and I will apologize and do my best to fix it.

For years I benefited from several security blogs and people sharing their knowledge freely and this blog is an attempt to give back to that community.

I don't think you will ever find anything here that you couldn't find somewhere else, but in the off chance that you do - DON'T USE IT TO BREAK THE LAW.  The target audience of this blog are penetration testers, security professionals, system administrators and anyone trying to learn about information security.

Thank you for reading and commenting.


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